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"Changing Coffs Harbour for the better, one student at a time".

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Grappling based on technique not strength which makes it possible to defeat a much larger opponent.....


Hapkido the Art of Co-ordinated Power.....


Discipline and Respect is core learning for Warriors.....


The Art of Hand and Foot. Dynamic, Simple and Effective.....

Little Warriors

Motor Skills, Co-ordination and Respect a core learning.....

Cage Fitness

30 Minute, non contact, intense workout.....

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CSDF Protective Gear

All CSDF students require mandutory protective gear for sparring and grappling. Depending on the program will depend on the protective gear required.

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CSDF Soft Sparring Mitts
Price: $12.00
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CSDf Branded soft sparring mitts for Taekwondo and Warrior programs.

CSDF Soft sparring shin pads
Price: $23.00
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CSDf Branded soft sparring shin pads for Taekwondo and Warrior programs

CSDF 16oz Boxing Gloves
Price: $60.00

CSDF Branded leather 16oz boxing gloves for MMA and Pad training

Price: $60.00
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CSDF Branded leather MMA gloves for MMA and Pad training

Leather sparring shin pads
Price: $30.00
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Leather Pro shin pads for MMA and Sparring training

Mouth Guard
Price: $10.00
product image 6

Entry level mouth guard required for Sparring and Grappling

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Modern and up to date skills soaked in Traditional values and etiquette.

... Changing Coffs Harbour for the better, one student at a time ...