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"Changing Coffs Harbour for the better, one student at a time".

Events Calendar

CSDF has many upcoming events for our students and school families. Refer to this page to find out about upcoming tournaments, promotion testing, training trips, school functions and other school related information.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Grappling based on technique not strength which makes it possible to defeat a much larger opponent.....


Hapkido the Art of Co-ordinated Power.....


Discipline and Respect is core learning for Warriors.....


The Art of Hand and Foot. Dynamic, Simple and Effective.....

Little Warriors

Motor Skills, Co-ordination and Respect a core learning.....

Cage Fitness

30 Minute, non contact, intense workout.....

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CSDF Events Calendar

Welcome to our Events Calendar web page. Use this page to plan for trips, tesing and any other planned events for 2017


CSDF Re-Opens Monday 9th January 2017

Classes start back as of Monday the 9th except for Little Warriors and Cage Fitness.


Little Warrior Return to Training 17th January 2017

First class back for Little Warrios for 2017.


CSDF Closed- Thursday 26th January 2017

Austalia Day.


Hapkido Road trip Saturday 11th March 2017

CSDF will be travelling down to the ENTRANCE for a combined Hapkido Weekend.


Warriors Grading 21st March 2017

CSDF club Grading week.


CSDF Closed - 14th to 17th April 2017

Easter Long Weekend.


CSDF Closed - Thursday 25th April 2017



CSDF Closed- Monday 12th June 2017

Queens Birthday.


Hapkido Road trip Saturday 17th June

CSDF will be travelling down to the ASD CANBERRA for a combined Hapkido Black Belt Grading Weekend.


Hapkido Road trip Saturday 24th June

CSDF will be travelling down to the KMA SYDNEY for a Hapkido Black Belt Grading.


CSDF Hapkido Black Belt Grading August 2017 (Date to be confirmed)

CSDF will be hosting Hapkido Black Belt Grading weekend with guest instructors and seminars.


Warriors Grading 12th September 2017

CSDF Club Grading week.


CSDF Closed- Monday 2nd October 2017

Labour Day.


Warriors Grading 5th December 2017

CSDF Club Grading week.


Last Class for 2017

Last class for 2017 will be Thursday 21st December.


CSDF Closed- For Christmas New Year break 2017

Last class Thursday 21st December, reopening 8th January 2018


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Modern and up to date skills soaked in Traditional values and etiquette.

... Changing Coffs Harbour for the better, one student at a time ...